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Foundation Development Subscription Plan

Plan Overview

The Foundation Development Subscription Plan offers Amiga developers and supporters the opportunity to access in-development versions of AVD (Advanced Visual Developer) and it's related tools, have a voice in the development process, and receive fully licensed versions of each component of AVD as it is released to the public. All for only an initial payment of US $30.00 and 6 monthly installments of US $15.00 a month (US $120.00 Total). Subscribers who complete their payment terms in full, will receive a fully licensed and unlocked version of the Advanced Visual Developer v1.0.0.0. This payment plan provides the best value for your money as you will also be saving $94.75 off the purchase price of buying each AVD Component separately. Follow the links on the left for details on individual purchase prices and estimated development times of each AVD component respectively.

FDSP Enrollment has now been completed:
The Subscription (or payment plan) enrollment option is now closed.

The Pre-release AVD purchase option is currently CLOSED.
Thank you for your interest in supporting this program.

Click HERE more details on The Foundation Development Subscription Plan.

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