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Official AmigaONE X1000 Beta Test Member
Contributor to A1200.NET new Amiga 1200 Cases, and new compatible keycaps projects
Contributor to A1200.NET new Amiga 1200 Cases, and new Compatible Keycaps projects

Welcome to BITbyBIT Software Group LLC!

Specializing in development tools for AmigaOS4(tm)


Jan 6th, 2017:

Picture of Jamie Krueger BlitterWolf published a Interview with yours truly on their recently returned Blog site. You can check it out here:
Interview with Jamie Krueger
Icon for the SDK Browser on the AMIStore I am currently working out the details of publishing the SDK Browser on the AMIStore. If you run the AMIStore application on your OS4 machine, you may see this icon for the SDK Browser already up there.

Here a quick recap of 2016 events:
A-EON A-EON hires BITbyBIT Software Group LLC to write some new software for AmigaOS4(PPC) and AmigaOS3(68K)
  • The first new update to the SDK Browser released in ten years.
  • Development resumes on the AVD/FreeAVD project after a few years of working on non-Amiga projects.
  • Check out the Archive NEWS: for [2016] for more details.

Best Regards,

Jamie Krueger

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