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January 2nd, 2007:

"Hello, I'm still here.": A special note from Jamie Krueger to the entire Amiga Community
After I returned from the AmiWest show at the end of October last year, I had to shift my full attention over to my other company for a while. I have been so busy since trying to continue my work on AVD at the same time, that I have just not been able to find the time to even update my web site since the show.
I am sorry for this period of silence, it was not intentional on my part.

As you may know, in addition to my main company, BITbyBIT Software Group, I am also a full partner in a web site hosting company called AbuckAmegAyear LLC.
I have in fact been running the web hosting company for about the past five years, but up until now we have been slowly building up the business before really making the company known to the public (reads "to the Internet"). I am in fact still finishing our web store's new theme and fixing up a few minor things as yet, but we have been up and operational for some time now and have recently completed the move to new world class servers which have helped us bring professional levels of security and performance to our customers.

Another two years have now past with only minimal growth in the number of active AmigaONE/OS4 owners. As most of you already know, I had run past the end of the operating capital I had originally invested in the software company's startup, at the end of last September.

As great as the Amiga Community is and as generous as some of it's members truly are, there just are not enough people coming forward to purchase OS4 software that is still in the works or making donations to its development.

Given the scars that a lot of us have from the many past false-starts and unfulfilled promises over the years, who can blame them for being cautious. Or for simply expecting to buy a completed piece of software with their money, instead of getting part of it now with a promise to deliver the rest "when it's done(tm)".

As I have stated several times in the past, I would have preferred NOT to ask the Amiga community to make such a commitment again and fund a large project like this, only to have to suffer the inevitable delays. Given the choice I would have completed AVD privately first and then announced it's existence, ready to run. Unfortunately I was forced to gamble on a two year effort, or delay everything 5 or 10 more years. With the two years now over, I feel they were not wasted and critical steps have been completed from long term success in the future.

The current situation however, leaves me with very little choice but to focus the majority share of my time on efforts that earn money today, and not in a few months, years, or even never. To this end I am actively working on building our customer base of web hosting clients (which has an audience of tens of millions, rather than an audience of around 2000), along with working on various other short-term projects/contact jobs.

However, despite having to put some time into other areas to make money to keep paying the bills, I have by no means closed my software company, stopped programming for the Amiga, or given up on the AVD project. I only have to put things on hold for a little while in order to secure the money to continue my efforts. I fully plan to return to programming on AVD/FreeAVD very soon, and am very eager to do so as quickly as possible.

The simply truth is that I am well and throughly hooked on the Amiga as I am equally addicted to programming. I will never give up on pursuing bringing my software dreams to the Amiga.
It's my life's work.

It has always been the plan to build up the web hosting company to provide a backbone means of funding my work on software development for AmigaOS. This way I would not be constrained or forced to work only on programming projects for platforms that have more numbers and a better chance of making a profit. I could continue to develop for the Amiga at a loss for as long as it takes to build the user base up enough to support full time developers again. Plus there is an excellent synergy between owning both a web hosting company on the Internet and owning a software development company as well. The two help support each other nicely.

I ask everyone out there in the Amiga Community, especially those who have, and continue to, help support my programming efforts to have the further patience to bear with me in 2007.
We will get there yet.

If you wish to help me get back to finishing AVD/FreeAVD as quickly as possible, please consider hosting your web site with us at AbuckAmegAyear LLC. This way you also get a great immediate value with a fast, tier-one, full featured web hosting account as well! We love hosting Amiga related sites! :-)

*That's A-Buck-A-Meg-A-Year because that is what our accounts start at,
10 Megs for $10.00 Bucks a YEAR.

Best Regards,

November 7th, 2007:
Purchase plan options and sponsorship programs have been CLOSED.
I have accepted a full time position with another company which is going to demand all of my time for the foreseeable future. Since I can not at this time predict when development on the AVD/FreeAVD projects will be able to continue, I have decided to close out all pre-release payment plans and FreeAVD sponsorship programs, effective immediately.

It is my firm intention to satisfactorily resolve the delivery of any and all pre-purchased software. Please remain patient for a while longer as I work through this process. I will hopefully be able to provide more information in the near future. THIS IS NOT THE END.


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