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Welcome to BITbyBIT Software Group LLC!

Specializing in development tools for AmigaOS4(tm)


December 9th, 2005:
A new update to AVD's GUI Builder Component (v0.11.0.34) is now available.

This update fixes some issues with crashes caused by closing (deleting) windows from your interface, but also addresses a rare bug that can occur in both the XML and C source output. This update is recommended for all users.

Please downloaded the new version from the Members Only area today.

December 1st, 2005:
Only 31 days remain to take advantage of "in-development" pricing for AVD!

We are now coming to the end of 2005, a big year of growth for AmigaOS4(tm). This also brings to a close the special "in-development" pricing and payment plans for purchasing AVD (Advanced Visual Developer) v1.0 during the first stage of its development. After January 1st, 2006 the FDSP Payment Plan and the special early price of US $120.00 will no longer be available. Starting in January 2006 the AVD Suite v1.0 (PRE-RELEASE) will be available for US $199.95.

So get in on the fun now before the year ends, support development on AmigaOS4(tm), and save money as well!

Purchase AVD Today!

November 22th, 2005:
A new must have update to the GUI Builder has just been posted.

AVD's GUI Builder Component v0.11.0.4 includes a "Load from XML" function, which now understands how to reload the XML project files and restore over 600 possible object attributes to the same state they were saved out as. In short this version can now Save, Reload, and Generate to C source code without forgetting what you named each object, or the how you set a given layout group if you quit and reload.

Please downloaded the new version from the Members Only area today.

The AVD Template Project v1.2.0.0 is now available for public download and use. This version is directly compatible with the GUI Builder's C source output and includes several nice new features as well. (Like multiple window support)

As always the AVD Template Project is FREEWARE - Enjoy!

November 19th, 2005:
At long last any more hours than I care to mention, the first Alpha version of the GUI Builder is now available. AVD's GUI Builder Component v0.10.0.76 along with it's required AVD Template Project v1.2.0.0 (same archive) can be downloaded now from the Members Only area.

This marks the beginning of weekly updates of the GUI Builder as we quickly move through Beta, Release Candidates, to final release. Debug versions will also be posted for Beta Testers.

November 12th, 2005:
New SCREENSHOTS of the AVD GUI Builder v0.10.0.25 are now online. They show a glimpse of the current version, which will be made available to subscribers within the next few days. I have to finish programming in a few more ReAction/BOOPSI Object Tags -> XML and C Source value mappings so the GUI Builder can Load & Save to XML and Generate the C Source code for every object and value tags that the current version can build.

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and support.

October 23rd, 2005:
New "single payment" option is now available when joining the FDSP subscription program for AVD.

Due to popular demand a new "single payment" option of US $120.00 has been made available for the pre-sale purchase of the Advanced Visual Developer Suite v1.0 for AmigaOS4(tm). This also you to choose either the monthly subscription or a single payment when joining the FDSP plan. This special pricing is only available during the final enrollment period ending January 1st, 2006.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this program and the development of AVD for AmigaOS4(tm)!

October 1st, 2005:
The Foundation Development Subscription Plan has been reopened for a second, and final, enrollment period. The terms of the plan has been updated to better match the current state of development for the AVD project. Don't miss this rare opportunity to support the development of much needed OS4 software, and save nearly US $100.00 off the purchase price in the process. The FDSP Plan allows you to purchase the Advanced Visual Developer (AVD) suite v1.0.0.0 for AmigaOS4(tm) at the special discounted price of US $120.00, over a simple 6 month payment plan. Membership in the program includes access to in-development versions of the current software, like the soon to be released GUI Builder component for example, as well as a fully licensed version of the entire AVD suite when it releases. Support development on AmigaOS4(tm) today!

September 10th, 2005:
AVD Template v1.1.0.0 is now available.
The latest AVD Template Project has been updated for better compatibility with the new AmigaOS4(tm) SDK (51.15) and GCC 3.4.4 & 4.0.1 (Native & Cross) compilers.

This latest update also features a new automated versioning system for projects built using the template. The build files automatically bump the version number for you each time you build. This virtually eliminates the need to manually update your programs version numbers as your project grows, since the versions displayed in the command line usage, in the window's title bar, in the commodity exchange display, and even embedded for the system "version" command, are all updated for you automatically.

As always, you can live browse the latest source code under the Features area, and read the license and installation instructions HERE as well.

August 25th, 2005:
The latest AVD Update! Newsletter is now online in the Members Only area. Enjoy.

August 23nd, 2005: **UPDATE New SCREENSHOTS of v0.3.0.72 now posted.**
The next stable release of AVD's GUI Builder component, v0.3.0.72, is now available in the Members Only area for review by subscribers. This version makes significant strides in the area of manipulating the layout and position of the ReAction objects and maintaining a live real-time view of the changes at the same time. Subscribers should see the instructions link for more details and features list for the new version.

A new version of The SDK Browser containing the first tests of the new intelligent hyper-linking is now also available for subscribers. You can now double-click of any text within the SDK Browser's display that appears to be a function call, and trigger an automatic lookup for that call. If a match is found then the function will be highlighted (but not auto-loaded). Simply pressing "space" or clicking on the newly found name will cause the new function to be displayed. This is a very handy way to move around and follow the "SEE ALSO" suggestions at the bottom of most Autodoc displays.

Further updates of the GUI Builder should be available more quickly now that the core functionality is finally complete.

July 22nd, 2005:
The first early look at AVD's GUI Builder component is now online in the Members Only area for subscribers to download and play with. Keep in mind that this is still a VERY early version and is missing many features at this point. It is being provided only to give people a chance to see how the real-time interface builder works, and just how simple it is (and will be) to use.

The latest build of The SDK Browser is also being provided for those subscribers that are not also registered owners of the standalone version of the SDK Browser.

This early demo of the GUI Builder, as well as the latest SDK Browser, should also be seen by attendees of the AmiGBG Show in Sweden within hours. :-) I would like to extend a special thanks to Per Johansson as well as to Guru Meditation for offering to present the software at the show, and for putting up with my last minute updates!

June 27th, 2005:
Only FOUR days left to save big on The SDK Browser and the AVD Suite!
Time is running out fast for registering The SDK Browser v1.0.0.0 for only $15.00 US, and still qualifying for v2.0.0.0 ($24.95 US) for FREE. July 1st, 2005 is the last day registrations for the shareware version of The SDK Browser (v1.0.0.0) will receive a free upgrade to the commercial version (v2.0.0.0), so hurry and register today!

Also, July 1st, 2005 is the last day new subscribers will be accepted into the FDSP Plan.
Get in on the ground floor with access to in-development releases of the Advanced Visual Developer's components as they become available. The AVD suite's major components include a: Text Editor, GUI Builder, Project Manager, SDK Browser and Debugger. Subscribe today and pay only $10.00 US a month for 12 months ($120.00 US Total) for the complete AVD Suite v1.0.0.0, and save $94.75 US over the purchase price of buying each component separately (Normally $214.75 US).

June 15th, 2005:
The FDSP Members Only area in now online.
A new private section has been setup for members of the FDSP Plan where the latest news and software updates for the Advanced Visual Developer (AVD) can be obtained. Subscribers should check this section regularly to keep up to speed on the AVD project.

June 5th, 2005:
The SDK Browser version is RELEASED!
With several major improvements and new features over the last preview (v0.95), the SDK Browser v1.0.0.0 marks the final release of the shareware version. All further development of the SDK Browser will be for the commercial version only from this point.

    Here is a quick list of a few new features available with this release:
  • Faster than ever before using newly optimized viewing routines and less disk access.
  • Quick find ANY item in the active list just by typing the first few letters of its name.
  • New "Includes" browsing. Live browse the system includes using the new embedded directory scanner.
  • Much More. Check out more details on the v1.0.0.0 release HERE.

May 3rd, 2005:
Welcome to the new BITbyBIT Software Group LLC Home site!
I would like to personally thank David Doyle and Björn Hagström for their help in providing a new design template and PHP code for the new site. Thanks guys!

April 7th, 2005:
The AVD Template Project is released as FREEWARE!
We are happy to announce the release of the skeleton AmigaOS4(tm) application, "The AVD Template" as FREEWARE. The AVD Template project provides a great jump start to writing AmigaOS4(tm) applications by providing a working model of an AmigaOS4(tm) app in C source code form, ready to build and run. Check it out HERE, or download it now.

April 5th, 2005:
Introducing The Advanced Visual Developer project and The Foundation Development Subscription Plan. The Advanced Visual Developer (AVD) project is aimed at delivering professional software development tools for the AmigaOS4(tm) platform, within a graphical and easy to use environment. AVD is targeted at both the novice and the professional level software developer. Find out more about AVD HERE. The Foundation Development Subscription Plan (FDSP) is for people who want to help fund the development of the AVD project with monthly installments of US $10.00 up to the regular purchase price of the software. Subscribers get access to beta releases and in-development versions of AVD as it is being developed, as well as a fully licensed version of the software when it's released to the public. To read more about the Plan or to signup today check out the FDSP home page HERE.

January 11th, 2005:
The SDK Browser version 0.95 PREVIEW is released! This update provides some nice new features and a few bug fixes as well. Check it out HERE, or download it now.

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