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Dec 10th, 2018:
SDK Browser v2.1.5.0 Maintenance release

New bug fix release of the SDK Browser - FREEWARE Edition

  • v2.1.5.0 - Fixed a bug in the rarely used "Clear Text" method for
    the main text display area. The method call to the TEXTEDITOR
    object was formed incorrectly. Fixed.
This update freeely available [HERE]
as well as on the Amiga On The Lake store [SDK Browser FREEWARE Edition]

Dec 9th, 2018:
AVD "Early Adopter's Offer" update

Hello everyone,

For any of you that may have seen my presentations at the
last AmiWest show, or read my post below, we (Amiga On The Lake
and myself) announced that there be a significant update to
AVD released to the current owners by December 5th of this year.

Also scheduled for the 5th was the new listing for the
"AVD Early adopter's special offer" to go up on AOTL's
store, where new customers have a final chance to
purchase the commercial AVD Suite at the Pre-release
price of $199 before AVD 1.0 is released.

So, for those of you keeping track, the 5th was a few days ago,
and nothing has yet appeared on either site.

Do not despair :-), there has been some unavoidable
delays since returning from AmiWest at the end of October
which have pushed back the intended release for Dec. 5th.

I am working on it and will be putting out the release as
soon as it is ready. Following that release, the plan is to
have regular monthly updates to the software until
it reaches 1.0.

After the 1.0 release of course, all owners of AVD will
continue to receive free updates for all 1.x releases,
and then qualify to purchase an upgrade to major
version releases (like 2.0) for about %20 of the full
commercial price.

There will be another release of the SDK Browser FREEWARE
Edition (v2.1.5.0) coming out (possibly today) which fixes
a long standing (and to my knowledge never triggered) bug
in the clearing of the main text editor display. The method
call to ask the text display to clear itself was broken.

That's all for now.

Oct 19th, 2018:
Post AmiWest 2018 update / AVD Release update

AOTL at Amiga On The Lake

(From left to Right: Myself, Aaron Smith and Jeffrey Yoder)

It has been awhile since my last post on my website.
I have been very busy this year on several Amiga related projects.

I had hoped to write this posting while I was at the AmiWest show
this year, however, there was just so much going on during the
show this year, that I did not even find an open evening to write
an update or catch up on my email.

OK, first of all, allow me to recap the public projects I have been
working on so far this year.

  • Designed and wrote an AmigaOS driver template, with its first
    implementation targeting writing Ethernet Drivers.
  • Wrote and released the native Ethernet driver for the AmigaONE A1222
    (through Hyperion).
  • Implemented about 80% of a native DPAA Ethernet driver for the
    AmigaONE X5000 (working with Hyperion to enhance support for
    the X5000 and A1222 hardware and complete the DPAA driver).
  • Picked up working on AVD full time again :-).
The big news from me (and AOTL) at the AmiWest show this year of course
is the announcement that BITbyBIT Software Group LLC and Amiga On The Lake
have joined forces to complete the Advanced Visual Developer project.

Amiga On The Lake has agreed to fully fund the development of the
commercial version of AVD
, which will then be exclusively sold
(world wide) via AOTL's store.

An "Early Adopter" purchase option of AVD will go up on the AOTL
store, on or before the 5th the December this year.

The "Early Adopter" version will include a largely functional version
of the AVD suite and its components, and will be for those who wish
to work with the in-development version prior to the 1.0 release.

This package will include:
  • The AVD GUI Builder
  • The AVD Text Editor
  • The AVD SDK Browser
  • Visual Debugger (db101)
  • Ready to run Template sources
  • Much more...
The "Early Adopter" package will be sold for $199.95 (USD), which is
$100 (USD) under the $299.95 (USD) normal list price.

The "Early Adopter" package will only be available until the full 1.0
version is released. The exact release date for the 1.0 version has not
yet been set, but with full time hours being put into it, I would expect
around the first quarter of 2019, perhaps earlier.

Purchase of either the "Early Adopter" version or the full 1.0 release
will entitle you to free updates through all 1.x versions. After which
the upgrade cost to the next major version will be around 20% of the
full list price of the software, or around $60 (USD).

Additionally I have officially licensed the use of the RichEditor.gadget
from Peter Gordon (original author of the gadget) and Simon Archer
(author of several enhancements to the gadget).

This is the same powerful gadget class which Simon uses
in his excellent CodeBench IDE.

A big thanks goes out to Peter and Simon for agreeing to license
the RichEditor.gadget class for use in AVD. This will provide a
significant savings in development time on AVD, which will be reflected
in the advancement of both the AVD Text Editor and SDK Browser as well.

Also, after reviewing the options for writing a visual front-end
for GDB (The GNU Debugger) for the AVD Debugger, I have decided to
start by including the best option for visual debugging on AmigaOS4
we have today; DB101. The current public version of DB101 available
on OS4 Depot, and was written by Alfkil Wennermark.

I am working with Alfkil on integrating DB101 with AVD, and he is
working on a brand new version of his DB101 application. Thanks Alfkil
for all your hard work in providing a usable visual debugger for AmigaOS4.

What about FreeAVD?

FreeAVD is still an active project, and will see a release shortly
after the AVD 1.0 is released. As always, FreeAVD is "Free Tools for
writing Free software." So its major difference vs the commerical AVD
software, is that FreeAVD is licensed to produce Free (no-charge)
software only.

NOTE: If you have ever contributed to the FreeAVD project, please
contact me and let me know if you wish your name to appear in the
credits section of the FreeAVD software.

I have the full list of contributors, but I would like your permission
before I list your name (or handle) publically, as a FreeAVD supporter.

Finally, I will leave you with a link to the various presentations
(including my own), that were given at AmiWest 2018:

Link to BIOSGERBIL: AmiWest 2018 (YouTube) videos

If you are looking for my presentations in particular; I do a review
of my AmigaOS4 Ethernet driver framework on the first day of the DevCon,
(hours 1-3), I give an update on AVD on the second day (Friday, hour 3) of the DevCon,
and finally given another presentation on AVD during the AmiWest show itself.

That's all for now, more to come... :-)

April 9th, 2018:
New Compatible Amiga A500(+) Cases Project Compatible Case For Amiga A500(+)

I am happy once again to support great Amiga related efforts like this one.
The fantasic team at are back with another project to build
new replacement cases for the very popular A500 and A500+ systems.

So far I have put in for four new cases to update/repair four A500 systems
I have on the shelf waiting for new cases (and new keycaps). However, I am
also looking at adding a Vampire SE case to my order, dedicated for a future
Vampire standalone system. :-)

So far the campaign is off to a great start, hitting over $45,000 USD in the
first week, and after my pledge today they are now at $52,091 USD out of the
$155,000 USD they need to have the molds built and produce the new cases!

There are a few weeks to go, but they need your help to make it. So, if you
want a shiny new case for your A500 or A500+, or just a slick "wedge/keyboard
computer" case for some cool system project, then please consider joining
the 266 other backers and make this project a reality!

The new A500(+) case project can be found on IDIEGOGO here:

Also, as I annouced for them at AmiWest 2017, Amiga On the Lake (AOTL)
is now the exclusive reseller of all products for North America.
This means that if this A500(+) case campaign succeeds, new replacement
cases of the A500 and A500+ will be available as a stock item, and that
is good for the growth of the entire Amiga community).

(That is of course the other reason for supporting these campaigns, not just to
get a cool case yourself, but to enable these cases to continue being produced
after the initial production run.)

February 22nd, 2018:
SDK Browser v2.1.4.0 Released - Finally getting to updating my website

  • Finally taking a few moments to update my website for the new year and package up the
    maintenance release of the SDK Browser(v2.1.4.0), which I put together at the AmiWest
    DevCon back in October of 2017.

    For those of you that attended the AmiWest 2017 DevCon you should already have this
    version. However, I recommend downloading the newly posted one because it has been
    updated with matching README text, etc. Of course, if you own a registered copy of
    the SDK Browser, you may download your personalized version from your private download

    Equally, owners of the AVD Suite may also download their version of the SDK Browser
    under the Members Only page.

  • I have been very busy, since before the AmiWest show, working on various AmigaONE
    and AmigaOS4 related projects with the guys at AOTL.

    Hence my delay in making this post today. However, while we are working on foundation
    products and fun new hardware and software projects for the AmigaONE machines, development
    on AVD and it's components has not been forgotten. The GUI Builder is my primary focus
    as the next AVD component to be released. It will be released as a standalone product,
    as part of the FreeAVD Suite, and of course as a major part of the AVD Suite.

    As always I appreciate your support and patience for this long term project.
    Thanks to your support, and the support of Amiga On The Lake as a full time
    patron of my efforts, I have been able to work exclusively on developing
    Amiga related products for over six months now, and with luck should be able
    to continue to do so throughout all of 2018.

  • Releasing the source code of the SDK Browser:
    For anyone who read my 2017 posting about the AmiWest show, or who was there
    in person, you know that a very good friend of mine passed away while I was
    attending the show. As a tribute to my friend's memory, I announced that I would
    be releasing the entire source code for the SDK Browser to Open Source as a
    teaching tool on how to write software for AmigaOS4.

    As planned I will be releasing the full source code for the current version
    of the SDK Browser (v2.1.4.0 - FREEWARE Edition). In order to accomplish this
    I must first decouple the source from the rest of the AVD Suite.

    This is a larger task then it sounds since the AVD Suite is designed to be
    highly integrated with the other components of AVD. Therefore I have decided
    to wait until the commercial version of the SDK Browser v3.0.0.0 is released
    before taking the time to prepare v2.1.4.0 FREEWARE Edition for release
    as Open Source.

  • This certainly has been a very active and fun year for me working on Amiga
    related research and development full time again.

    For a review of some of the events from 2017, see the archive news link
    here: Archive News for 2017

Best Regards,

Jamie Krueger

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